Tom Scholten

Student HBO-ICT: Software Engineering at Hogeschool van Amsterdam,
Web Developer

Tom Scholten About

Hello and welcome to my personal website and portfolio. My name is Tom Scholten and I am currently a student studying HBO-ICT: Software Engineering. I am doing very well in school and I really enjoy it. In school I learn how to make software and how to become an ICT-professional, but since I'm not having a hard time at school I teached myself how to make websites. After a lot of practice I wanted to start a real project. A company in my hometown gave me this opportunity and that is how I got into the world of web development. Besides this I have a job at a company in my hometown, I work here three times a week

"My goal in life is: learning, developing, discovering, experiencing and going on an adventure. You'll regret it more if you don't take the risk."

Software Engineering Education

  • Hogeschool van Amsterdam 2015-2019

    HBO-ICT: Software Engineering

    After visiting fysiotherapy and aviation studies, I found this study and I was interested right away. I never had any type of lessons of ICT so I didn't know a lot about computer programming, but this study got me learning like a rocket and I got a lot of good grades. After the first school project I experienced a lot the programming world and I loved it. Because this study was not too hard, I teached myself a lot extra, like web development.

  • Haarlemmermeer Lyceum 2009-2015


    When I first came to this school I started at VWO level with Junior Study House, which means all the homework is layed out for the next half year, with the purpose of learning how to plan. This course ended after three years, and I chose the NG&NT(Nature, Healt and Technics) pack for the next three years. But the VWO level was too hard, and I chose to go to HAVO level for the last two years. This went very smooth, and I finished school with very good grades, and I was able to start with my study.

Java Skills

These are the languages and skills that I have acquired and master.


  • Java

  • SQL

  • HTML

  • CSS

  • Javascript

  • Python


  • Scrum

  • Object-Oriented Programming

  • Bootstrap


  • SEO

  • UML

scrum Experience

  • Tennisned Tennisbar November 2015 – now


    At tennisclub TC de Kikkers, there is a bar, where they sell drinks and food to the tennis players. Sometimes there are parties at this bar. There is always a good atmosphere here and I really enjoy working here. I work here three times a week, with a lot of nice colleagues.

  • Luxe Bakkerij Jongeneel February 2015 – Februari 2016


    At the local bakery in my hometown I learned a lot about customer service, since this bakery was dependent on this. Besides that I started working at 6am every saturday, what was kind of hard at the beginning, but after a while I got used to this. Now I actually never really worry about having to stand up early.

  • Albert Heijn Supermarkten October 2013 – Februari 2015

    Team Verkoopklaar

    I worked at the local supermarket for a year and a half. This was actually my first work experience and I learned the first basics of the structures of a company.

nieuw-vennep Portfolio

  • April 2016


    This was my first official project, for this project I got paid to make websites. For fun I have always liked to learn how to make websites. But the owners of this company gave me the opportunity to make a website that would go online en would be used. I made this website with Wordpress because this site was only for information, and at that time my knowledge of CMS wasn't that broad.


Tom Scholten Contact

Tom Scholten
Wayesteinsingel 175
2151 KV Nieuw-Vennep

tscholten97 (at) gmail (dot) com
+316 481 287 67

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